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I'm not against school rules, but...

September 16, 2012 - 1:43am



The issue over the mother who made a police report after her son's teacher cut his hair is in the limelight again.

Education Minister Heng Swee Keat mentioned this incident when he spoke of demanding parents at the annual MOE Work Plan Seminar speech on Wednesday.

The mother, Madam Serene Ong, was upset that she had been used as an example of an unreasonable parent.

She says she never used her son’s dyslexia as an excuse for him not getting his hair cut, and that she is not against school rules.

The New Paper on Sunday also speaks to two sets of parents – those who are supportive of the teacher's actions and those who speak up for Madam Ong.


If the parents and the teachers are having difficulty of having one voice over this debate issue of cutting the student's hair. My suggest would be the school to have thier own in-house barber. I am sure a school would not have any problem providing such space for a in-house barber.


Teachers would not need to cut the student's hair, the parents would not be furious over unprofessional hair cut on thier children and the student would be spare from such misery.


Whenever the teacher caught a student with unacceptable hair cut, the school can always have them to visit the barber.


It will also creates more job in some ways. Create Apprenticeship opportunity for higher level of school. But well that is another story for another day!

Not against school rules ? YET, complaint about her son being punished for not obeying the rules ???

What kind of parenting is this ???

You the parent should teach your child. Do your parenting at home. The school is not your parenting resources. It is where you kid learn the tools of trade for his/her future working life.

Shame on such parents! It would be a good idea to re-school thes parent to imparts in them the school disciplines etc....

Why make a mountain over a molehill in the first place?? Why emphasize that the teacher ruined her son's $60 hair cut?? Do you know how many haircuts a normal kid can go for with this $60? There are many salons offering $2.90 hair cut now?

Don't use Dyslexia as an excuse. Kids with learning disorder, Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, etc can lead a normal life and can do well under the proper guidance and support of their parents. If the parents are showing this kind of attitude, supporting/shielding the kids in a wrong way (like this mum), the kids will never grow out of their disabilities. They have regarded themselves as special and will demand special treatment from others.


To Serene Ong, the mother of the $60 hair cut boy. Upset huh? Go make another Police Report lah. Not against school rule just so long as you think you are above it and don't need to comply? If not for your rotten attitude, you won't be single out for special mention. Go reflect on it before you put the other foot in your big mouth.


short & neat haircut reflects a good image for students in primary & secondary .

Also the weather is usually hot & humid, short crops would not be so sweaty & messy.


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