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Illegal sex drugs for sale

February 7, 2012 - 1:19am


Over a short spell last week, four men became seriously ill and had to be rushed to hospital for suspected consumption of illegal sex drugs.

The cases prompted the Health Sciences Authority to issue a statement warning of the dangers of such drugs.

The New Paper spotted at least five peddlers selling such illegal products outside the New Cathay Hotel last night.

If they were worried that they could be breaking the law, the peddlers didn't appear overly so - all laid out their wares openly on plastic sheets, about five metres away from the bustling Geylang Road.

One customer even offered a TNP reporter some advice: "You take them before you have sex. They are very good! One tablet can keep me going for two days."


Various illegal drugs are been smuggled around the globe and are been widely used. The drugs which are FDA approved are legal drugs and only that sex drugs must be used. These are whole lot of medicines available in market like viagra, kamagra, caverta( ), zenegra, cialis, levitra and so on. People should get these sort of sex drugs for their problems.

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