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What is killing the birds in Woodlands?

Submitted by Kane Cunico on March 19, 2012 - 1:50am


TNP PHOTO: Kelvin Chng

For two years, birds' heads, entrails and feathers have been appearing at the void deck of Block 549 Woodlands Drive 44.

The grisly remains have also appeared in residents’ homes.

The culprit: A bird of prey that has taken up residence in a block of flats for the past two years, it seems. It hunts, kills and consumes crows and mynahs and leaves their remains at the void deck.

A wildlife consultant suspects that the bird is a peregrine falcon.


Awesome. I hope it eats up all those hawker centre mynah birds

Yes! Who is in-charge for the hundreds of mynah birds at the hawker centres?
Do your job!!!!

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