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Liverpool-themed wedding creates buzz online

March 28, 2012 - 2:00am


PHOTO: Courtesy of Mr Mefield Loh

Two die-hard soccer fans tied the knot on Feb 25 in a wedding ceremony inspired by Liverpool Football Club.

The highlight of the ceremony, which took place at The Regent Singapore, was when the newly-weds marched in to the club’s anthem, You’ll Never Walk Alone.

They also plan to visit Liverpool for their honeymoon.

They have become mini-celebrities ever since they posted a clip of the wedding online.



It is amazing on how they celebrated their big day.However,there was nothing really unique about the theme.A schoolmate of mine had actually done her wedding the same way as this couple has done it.and yes indeed they completed their wedding with a honeymoon in Liverpool too.And as a matter of fact they had it done some 4 or 5 years ago..i didnt attend the wedding personally but when i saw theor wedding banquet photos,it was awesome.Right from their pre wedding photoshoot,to their game ticket inspire wedding invitation.It was really awesome definately but they made a choice not to go public about it.That is simplicity

Liverpool - ONE
Man United - ZERO

Nothing unique about the wedding? So? What's your problem
(or rather, what is your "friend's problem" that you have to slag from top to toe?
Then can I slag your friend, how come our lovely couple are famous (while your friend is not?)
Do you like it? No I don't. Neither do your friends.

So very simply, wish this couple a happy & everlasting marriage.
Whether it is unique, everyone has their opinion.
If you have nothing constructive to say, then don't (because it speaks more of yourself AND your friends)..
If you have sincere well-wishes, then I believe everyone will find it welcome.

Finally, to conclude on a happy note.


I love this wedding concept! This is very unique and sporty. We all know that wedding ceremonies price a lot of money and many people are prepared to pay a premium for the event of their dreams. The cost of the typical wedding dress was $1,121 in 2011 and the average wedding price just over $27,000, slightly down from a few years ago. Source for this article: Cost of average wedding dress is $1,121.

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