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Arsenal pay huge penalty in draw with Norwich

May 6, 2012 - 12:52am



Arsene Wenger shook hands and stormed down the tunnel.

He felt robbed. Arsenal trudged off the pitch. They felt robbed. Fans booed referee Anthony Taylor off the pitch. They felt robbed.

The Gunners paid the penalty for one that was not awarded in the last minute.

A 3-3 home draw against a magnificent Norwich was all that a mediocre Arsenal deserved, but they still deserved a penalty.

That's all Wenger and his players will talk about. That's what the fans will remember if third spot isn't secured next weekend. And if those smug Spurs down the Lane take their place, it'll be the biggest humiliation of all.

More in The New Paper on Sunday (May 6).


Some of Arsenal player should ask for transfer after 7yrs without a win any Cup. Wenger should also go also.

Without a big transfer budget, Wenger have done wonders in sporting raw young talent to be a superstar. Like Cesc Fabergas, Van Persie, Thiery Henry, Nasri Nasir..and made megabucks for Arsenal in the transfer market. Its all boils done to $ and sense!

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