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Brad Pitt: Family guy and zombie fighter

June 20, 2013 - 1:55am


All-American heart-throb. Greek god. Sexiest man alive.

But the title Brad Pitt, 49, once deemed the most attractive man on the planet, cherishes these days is that of a “family man”.

And it is the way he’s fashioned himself into the poster boy of family values that is giving his latest movie World War Z – his first summer action blockbuster depending solely on his name and star power since, well, Mr & Mrs Smith – an added boost.

Playing a father who’s fiercely protective of his family mirrors Pitt’s real life – and that certainly adds to his saintly, hero appeal.

What fault can you find in a man who goes from being a self-professed drifter to a devoted fiancé, dedicated father and determined thespian?

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