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Cabby bashed in broad daylight

August 28, 2012 - 1:37am


A taxi driver who managed to avoid colliding with a motorcycle ended up being bashed up, allegedly by the biker and his pillion rider.

The incident took place on Sunday afternoon, near the junction of Guillemard Road and Lorong 20 Geylang.

A witness said the motorcyclist and the pillion rider had used their helmets to hit the taxi driver.

A male motorcyclist and a female pillion rider were arrested, said the police.


Throw these two fighters into prison for 3 years and not just 2 or 3 months then we will have peace for a very long time!

1-Don't feel sorry for them. They deserve it! God is Great! This is their retribution and in broad daylight! Definitely the brainless rider won't get themselves into hot soup if he had a brain in the first place. To find fault with the cabby and having drugs on them?! Well done Hafiz! That is his name. FYI.
2-This brainless idiot took away the pillion from her beloved family by using drugs on her. Verbally abuse the girl's family and relatives when the one at fault is himself! (Well I did mentioned he's brainless) ;-)
3-Authorities PLEASE do your part to look into these 2 little idiots case and DO put them where they should be for as long as possible!
This is what you get when you REALLY hurt your parents' deeply and make them cry and repeatedly toyed with their feelings when they repeatedly forgiven you Girl!
God Is Great! Thanks cabby for almost hitting them. It's not your fault. God steered your cab to them. Don't feel bad at all!

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