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Cats lounge in supermarkets

March 24, 2012 - 1:26am



Imagine walking into a supermarket in search of groceries - only to find a cat nestled comfortably on a shelf.

A number of shoppers have met with such furry surprises at various supermarkets across Singapore.

This has sparked off a spate of online posts about cats lying among the groceries.

While most have been understanding about the matter, others wonder if these cats pose a health problem.



Of couse it pose a health problem!!!
The cats will do "it's business" right next to the food or even on the food!!!

Maybe the shop managers are chasing the cats out of their shops now but why must they wait till someone reported on this? LAZY???

If there is a cat, it is an indication that there are mices in the shop.

Something both the consumer watchdog and health authorities MUST do something ... cats and mices are sources of diseases !!

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