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Circle Line disruption causes confusion, complaints

April 19, 2012 - 1:57am



YOU’RE late for work because the train services broke down. Your boss doesn’t know that. He’s fuming.

Do you know you could have asked SMRT station staff to issue you an excuse chit to explain why you were late?

That is what SMRT did yesterday when there was another major breakdown - this time on the Circle Line - leaving thousands stranded.

An SMRT spokesman told The New Paper: “We provide an excuse chit to a passenger who requests for it from our station staff, as an official proof that he is delayed because of a service disruption.”

The spokesman said SMRT has been issuing such chits for some time, but could not say when they were it was first introduced.



Now if u know the mrt always break down and u judge yourself to left home to work one hour earlier. Last time old days we take bus with long journey and time to our destination, now its our practice to left home early. If u wake up late to work and do not always blame Mrt breakdown. The Company must monitor the timing of their employee who come late for work due to train breakdown. If mrt breakdown u should prepare yourself to take what bus or taxi to your destination. After 25yrs Mrt train service to the singaporean to upgrade the system and replace original parts to serve them better.

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