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Cracks in marriage led to Bedok Reservoir suicide

September 13, 2012 - 1:08am



Revenge. That was what Madam Tan Sze Sze scribbled in red several times on a photocopy of her husband's birth certificate.

It was found in the front right pocket of her red T-shirt when her body was found in Bedok Reservoir nearly a year ago.

The body of her son, Jeral, was found with hers. She is believed to have taken the boy with her into the reservoir when she decided to end her life.

It all started with cracks in her marriage.


stupid woman to end her life just becos of one bloody son of a beast !


Totally agrees with Ruby Tan

A very sad way of ending not only hers' but also the little boys' life.

Talk to each other, do gives and takes ... not just takes and leaves the other party totally incapacitated. Thats why one ties the knot. Gives the other party room to breathe.

Having said that, it is a selfish act to take one's life, leftalone another too.

We live in a society with break-offs that come and go. With kids involved, consider the kids future first before your own.


I think it is easy for people to sit on the pedestral and judge the actions of the woman. She could be suffering from depression. More education and outreach is needed for individuals and community to reach out to understand the signs of depression and mental illness and to reach out to people suffering from such a disability.

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