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Credit card holder hit with $50 bill over two cents

September 15, 2012 - 1:29am


TNP PHOTO: Benjamin Seetor
It started from her mistake of overlooking 2 cents in her credit card bill.

And after service interest charge and late payment fees, the amount ballooned to almost $50. Legal executive Tan Su Fen (above), 26, tried to rectify the situation multiple times by calling Diners Club.

The customer service officers on the line said they would waive the fees, but she found that nothing was resolved. The bills kept coming even after her account was terminated.

Diners Club said it was sorry for the inconvenience and would review its system to ensure it would not happen again.


No one was working but since this is on the news, THE WORK START NOW!

this does not happen to only Diners, Ntuc fairprice card also the same, even after the card had been cancel they will keep chasing you for the member fee plus late charge, nowadays if  any company try to charge me member fee I will tell them to go fly kite.

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