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In debt, but she wants to go home

June 5, 2012 - 1:40am



Indonesian maid Nuraini Sri Haryati, who had a close shave when she fell from her employer's 12-floor flat while hanging out the laundry, has debts to pay back home.

But after the half-hour ordeal on Sunday, when neighbours one floor below held on to her before she was rescued by SCDF officers, the 29-year-old maid does not want to work here anymore.

Madam Nuraini, who is married with a daughter, is now terrified of windows and heights, and plans to cut her contract short.


As I have penned before.... the HDB Have to find a lasting solution to this dangerous cloth hanging method.

Where are all our brainacs ??? Get your brainstorming going and find an easier and safer solution both to old and new flats

ps... who were the brains behind this damn method anyway ??

Suggest she buy some lottery, or 4D; as the saying goes:-

"If you survive a disaster (or a life threatening situation), you will get even stronger (the English tradition), or strike good luck (the Chinese version)".

Take you pick.

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