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FAS boss: Give us time

April 19, 2012 - 11:12pm



FIFA ranking: 158th. AFC ranking: 29th. Asean ranking: Sixth.

When the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) Strategic Plan was launched almost two years ago, Singapore were 127th, 20th and third respectively, and aimed to "maintain their position as the top Asean team".

Hence the uproar over the unprecedented low when the latest rankings were released recently, especially with Lions coach Raddy Avramovic claiming "the rankings don't mean anything".

FAS president Zainudin Nordin was more circumspect. In an exclusive interview with The New Paper, he admitted the poor ranking is a worry, but he also asked for patience and more time as the federation progressively rebuilds the national team.


I wish Singapore were have a good foreign coach and good player like Japan National Team by 2022 to have mission to qualify the WORLD CUP 2030. Now is the time to find a talented player to the National Team to win the Sea Games Gold Medal and to qualify for next AFC ASIAN CUP. I wish to see Singapore qualify for World Cup 2030. Keep it up FAS with your mission of 2030 and forget about GOAL 2010. We die hard of Singapore were support you until your dream come truth for 2030.

If one cannot perform then he needs to resign and let others do it and not holding onto the chair and beg for more time!

why wait for resignation? Be like Chelsea..if no good just SACK him! Get Gus Hiddink..look at Australia in the previous World Cup!

Find a experience coach who can lead Singapore to the AFC Asian cup or World cup. We need changes overhaul in Singapore Football. The LIONSXII have already done that in MSL 2012 and now for the Singapore Team. There are many coaches and talented player out there that you can find.  Now is the vision to 2030 and We die hard fans want to see it.

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