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Girl, 13, dies after 2.4km run

March 7, 2013 - 1:06am



She was an active and healthy girl who had just joined her school's squash team.

But yesterday, Nur Aisyah Ismail (above), 13, collapsed in school after a 2.4km run.

She died in hospital.

Tragically, yesterday was also her 13th birthday, which her family had planned to celebrate with her twin brother.

Her father, Mr Ismail Adan, 50, said: "I hoped that it was all just a dream, but she was just there lying on the bed, motionless."


Is 2.4km run necessary? I know some schools pushed the students so hard that they must achieve certain standard - Silver Award for their NAPFA Test. During the trial run, if they do not hit the targetted timing, they will need to run and run and run in every PE lesson till they meet the target timing.

Some kids are not cut out to excel in physical exercises. Kids have no childhood lives now. They are being pushed so hard in school academically and physically.

So poor thing. Condolence to the family.

Sorry to hear, praying for her...

My daughter (13years old) was taken to KK hospital for her injury last month; you will be stunned seeing the number of injured school students on Monday between 4 to 8pm. Does anybody looking at it?

The school's should send all participants involve in any physical activity for ECG test or some sort of health screening test.

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