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'He was supposed to drop cat off at SPCA'

November 25, 2011 - 12:40am



SHE WAS relieved when her husband said he would take their cat Scuzzi to an animal shelter after deciding to give it up for fighting with its siblings.

However, Madam Hamidah's relief turned into stress after her husband was caught on camera dumping the feline into a rubbish bin, triggering outrage from netizens.

When The New Paper tracked her down following tip-offs after our report ran yesterday, Madam Hamidah, who declined to reveal her full name, said she couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the video.

In her husband's defence, she said that Michael had bipolar disorder and suffered a relapse eight days ago.

WANTED: Person who binned kitty


A very convenient excuse, "bipolar disorder". 

Even if its true, then why don't the wife take the cat by herself to the animal shelter? Why risk asking a person who is prone to irritable mood and depression to do it? What if he eats the cat instead???

I'll not believe anyone of them, 

1) Wife didnt ask what happen to the cat at all after the the husband had "brought" it to the animal shelter?

2) Knowing that Husband is having the so called "Bipolar Disorder" yet she let him bring the cat alone to the animal shelter? Its the same as entrusting a serial killer with a fully loaded M16.

3) Wife was "Relieved" to hear that the Husband offer to bring the cat to the animal shelter... How about having a Lolicon offering to take care of your kids for you while you're away. You will be "RELIEVED" I Confirm that to you...

Somehow nowadays no matter what issue was brought into the light by the internet or media, people gave excuses that few will accept as a reasonable answer.


Being ignorant of the action is not an excuse to avoid punishment.

This is animal cruelty. 

What's done is pure cruelty. What an excuse, bipolar disorder. Recommend best way to solved his problem with bipolar. Don't fine him, it gets worst. Jail him for good. Better still dump him into the bin and taste his own med. And for his disorder, cane him a dozen times, give him the biggest rotan. Thus will definately solved his bipolar disorder permenently and never forget to behave properly. On the same token save him a bomb on medical treatment to heal his disorder.

not saying this isn't wrong, cause it is but ever live with someone with bipolar??  cause if you did, you would think twice before knocking this man.  they don't always have their minds in full control, especially if they had something or someone trigger them off or if they didn't take their meds.  i'm sure there's more to this story than what they are saying about here.  thats all i'm saying about this.

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