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Hodgson as England manager: A bad move

May 1, 2012 - 12:33am


PICTURE: Reuters

TNP analyst Barry Whitbread says it will be "Liverpool" all over again if Roy Hodgson is appointed England coach by the Football Association.

He said that the West Brom manager would be going into a place where he's unwanted by the general public and media and would need to earn spectacular results right from the beginning, or he might struggle as England boss.

Whitebread added that Stuart Pearce would have been the ideal choice to lead England into Euro 2012 as he is already in the set-up and unlike Hodgson, won't only have a month to prepare.

More in The New Paper on Tuesday (May 1).


We will never know this Roy Hudgson can manage England to win the euro 2012 and just keep our finger cross. This Roy Hudgson fail as manager of the club but in National Team and he will bring success for ENGLAND ? After euro 2008 disappointed not qualify and win the euro 2012 will be special with a local manager in the history of England FA . If still fail to win euro 2012 and i suggest David Beckham if become manager of England can win the 2018 World Cup.

David Beckham as England coach?
Please lah, he is just a model for the fashion world lah.

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