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I caused the greatest damage to my wife

April 28, 2012 - 12:16am



Former Pei Chun Public School principal Lee Lip Hong, 39, was yesterday jailed for nine weeks for having paid sex with an underage prostitute.

Before entering the Subordinate Courts, Lee told reporters that he confessed to his wife that he had cheated on her on Dec 2 last year.

When asked what his wife had thought, he said he had caused enough distress to her and he had to take responsibility for his own actions.

He said that as a husband, he had caused the greatest damage to his wife, and had asked himself how he could have done such a thing to her.

He added that before the incident, they had not been wearing their wedding bands for some time. Two days later, they decided to renew their marriage vows.


How can these men knew how old was the girl?
The only person who knew about the age of the girl is the pimp and the girl herself!
Why are these men punished for something that they doesn't know?

@complain king


Agreed with u. As long as she can open her legs for business/money, underage thing does not apply. This is called common sense.

Spore laws need changes now. Those old laws applicable to those/most ill-disciplined older men (eg. those born around WW2) should NOT be applied to the younger gen. Public humiliation to this particular gentleman for hiring a hooker is bad enough, some more got jail term, and this is too much. A fine would be sufficient. What he did is peanut, as compared to those who brought in some many FT, causing high inflations, forcing our countrymen out of jobs or not able to earn enough for a better living for their families.

Not suggesting hiring hookers is right, but ladies must understand men's once-in-a-while needs.....otherwise why garmen opens brothels in geylang for those WW2-born older men in the 1960s?? for fuxk?

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