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It's 'game on' to say the daftest things

April 24, 2012 - 8:32pm



I remember sitting with journalists at Manchester United’s training ground and bring greeted by Sir Alex Ferguson in his shorts and slippers asking: “Right, so what are you b****** going to make up about me today?”

Alex Ferguson - like Kenny Dalglish - has never hesitated in cutting an interviewer down to size, deservingly or not. He can bully with the best of them.

Yet, he had to endure some juvenile jabbering from his post-match interviewer after the 4-4 draw at home to Everton.

Watching the man with the mike coax the United manager into saying “game on” – clearly picturing the headlines – was more embarrassing than posing questions to a three-legged Mats Wilander.

More in The New Paper on Wednesday (April 25).


Next monday advantage to Manchester city at home but Manchester united need a draw after that a win at home to swansea then they can with the EPL title. The game is on until the 90min. Bring on smalling and jones to replace evra and rafael. I keep my finger cross for the BIG match.

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