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Life after GE: George Yeo and Tan Jee Say

May 7, 2012 - 3:13am


PHOTOS: Facebook, Ng Jun Sen

Long before social media became a buzzword during last May’s General Election, former foreign minister George Yeo was already an avid user.

As foreign minister, he regularly posted photos and updates about the people he met and the interesting places he visited on Facebook, which he started using in June 2008.

Since leaving public office last year, Mr Yeo, now vice-chairman of Hong Kong property developer Kerry Group, has continued to update his Facebook regularly.

Like Mr Yeo, former opposition candidate Tan Jee Say has remained in the public eye after the election.

His raised profile means he's had to make some changes to his lifestyle. In the past, Mr Tan Jee Say could patronise his neighbourhood coffee shop in a slightly tattered T-shirt, shorts and slippers.

But since the GE, he has ditched his comfortable but well-worn togs for smarter clothes.

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