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Little India's little angels

December 15, 2013 - 1:11am


TNP PHOTO: Ariffin Jamar

While the riot in Little India last Sunday captured headlines, the tales of compassion and kindness shown to strangers were widely unknown.

At Yeo Buan Heng Liquor Shop on Chander Road, Mr Rafal Sojka, 45, was pulled into the shop by the shopowners as the riot went on.

An angry-looking man had been approaching Mr Sojka, 45, holding an umbrella and was foaming at the mouth.

Down the road, at Kian Heng, owners Mr and Mrs Koh (above) pulled TNP journalist Zaihan Mohamed Yusof into their coffee shop by his collar as a group of shouting men made their way towards him, saving him from probable harm

Mr Zaihan went back to Kian Heng earlier this week to thank the couple.

Mr Koh's reponse?

"It was nothing," he said. "If we can help, we must help."

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