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More S'poreans heading to Johor nursing homes

July 11, 2012 - 2:06am



For some Singaporeans, growing old means living across the Causeway - in a nursing home in Johor Baru.

Home operators there say about 10 percent of their clients are now Singaporeans and they are getting more enquiries from Singapore families.

Many moved their seniors or disabled relatives up north, citing more affordable care.

Some, like Mr Tan Ah Song, 70, found a better living environment there.

Yet, others, like 85-year-old Madam Minah and 90-year-old Madam Yee, had no choice.

Just who are these Singaporeans living their twilight years in another land? What are their stories?


What to do. When the Govt wants to build nursing homes, child care centers...hue and cry not to build near their where to build...across the causeway la....Singaporeans asked for it they get it ! Throw their parents far away...out of sight...out of mind...

Former Minister of Health mooted this idea but was slammed left and right and now it's picking up momentum. When too many Singaporeans flock there, the Malaysian govt's eyes will turn red and soon obstacles will be introduced and the cost would go up until it is not worthwhile to go there. Mark my words, it will happen. Remember when too many S'poreans went to JB to shop, they accused us of buying them out and started introducing all kinds of policies.


This is the result of nowadays arrogant, selfish young people !

When you reach your twilight years, then you will know what is the meaning of so inconvenient  becos you whined so much when govt wants to build more eldercare homes near your estates !




Young people of today think they may not reach old age. They live by today. That is why they are fighting to take out whatever CPF they have as soon as possible as they think that old age is too distant for them.

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