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Move to change CJC crest sparks debate

June 8, 2012 - 11:13pm


Students of Catholic Junior College may be greeted by the sight of a new school crest by the end of the year.

Its principal, Mrs Christine Kong, said a survey has been sent out to all stakeholders of the school to gather feedback on some proposed changes, the most significant of which is the replacement of the dove in its current crest with a flame (above).

Alumni and current students The New Paper spoke to were mostly against the change.


Change for the sake of change, or change with a reason, or change due to whimps and fancy, or change in the name of image, or change because it is part of the game, or change to keep everyone on their toes, or......what?

Have the people behind the change give a thought to the following:-

"Will the change make the school any different? Just like if you call a Rose by any other name, would it look different or smell different?"

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