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Mum asks: Why didn't school send boy with broken fingers to hospital?

March 2, 2012 - 1:26am


TNP PHOTO: Jonathan Choo

Irfand Danial Abdullah (above), 9, fractured three fingers after a fall at Greenridge Primary School field during recess on Monday.

And his mother, Madam Siti Nuraini Abdullah, is fuming that he had to wait in pain at the school until she got there to send him to a doctor.

She says the school should have called an ambulance.

But the school said it didn't do so because the boy had no visible injuries.


Sorry, is this school for the blind??? No visible injuries ???

Fractured fingers will more than likely swell to the size of sausages.

Whining in pain is a clear sign that something is not right. Doctor attentance should be the norm.

Internal bleeding have no visible sign either, BUT, is damn deadly if not detected early.

A lesson to be learned by all educators, esp. schools. 

This is kind of ridiculous; no offence. I mean, three fingers of his left hand are fractured and his left hand is now in a sling! The school should had been more careful and had checked for further injuries. If the boy was already crying in pain, his fingers looked stiff and bent a little awkwardly, something is perhaps not right! I feel sorry for the only Primary 3 boy. It must have hurt a lot. A lesson should be learnt for all the people in the world; not only teachers. I hope people will be more cautious so the amount of accidental incidents will reduce. I hope the boy, Irfand Danial Adbullah will get well soon.

His fingers looked stiff and bent a little awkwardly??
You were there too??


When did an NUH Dr see the boy? 24 hrs after incident?

The concerned mother should have brought the boy to see a Dr immediately at the clinics opposite the school. 

 Why go all the way to NUH A&E for a long agonising wait?? Spare a thought for the kid. 


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