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I'm sorry, I was very emotional

July 31, 2011 - 7:03pm


PHOTO: Courtesy of Trinetta Chong

SHE used a vulgarity during her valedictory speech.

And for that, she is sorry.

Miss Trinetta Chong Chiao Sing, 23, from the graduating batch of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) students, uttered the word during her convocation speech last Friday.

Watch the video below:


I refer to the article above.

I am deeply infuriated with Ms Trinetta Chong Chiao Sing's behaviour for using the 4-lettered vulgar word. How can she do such a thing like that? That was really intolerable.

Ever since during the yearly convocation in universities, I do not see anyone using vulgar language in their speech. This was because not only it is rude, it is also disgraceful to everybody in the auditorium. However, she has since apologised for her unacceptable behaviour and promised never to do it again.

I hoped that this shall serve as a strong warning to all the graduants of various polytechnics and universities to know better not to use such uncouth languages in their speech to their respective peers. On the contrary, I hope all parents should be aware of their children's behaviours, who are the graduates of the said schools and take proper action against them.

She didn't need to apologise. Wasn't that of a big deal anyway. 

Though using the 4-lettered is not the most appropirate thing to say in such an atmosphere, for the people who get easily offended by such a word, the issue is really with them and not the speaker. They only know how to highlight trival things and take people down.  Shows their insecurity.  That they actually allow a simple word to  upset them. Their lives are govened by the almighty word and not actions.

If Trinetta can make a significant contribution to the world with her gifts and talents and make it a better place, she can say all the 4-lettered word she wants. If that spurs her to do better, then go for it.  I prefer that over those who say nice words but screw up the world with their actions or inactions. Many people like that exist in this world.  Judge a person by their actions not by their words.

Miss Trinetta Chong Chiao Sing is a  Valedictorian. I congratulate her. Her actions speaks volumes.


You are f---ing stupid! Don't take offence -

"the issue is really with them and not the speaker" Ya you are right - f---king stupid! 

This is a clear sign of decadence in our modern society and education. She didn't slip her tongue; she speaks that way and very naturally too! Many young people use that word as part of a fashion of speaking. That's why it’s not just her fault but also the schools, family and friends! And not just because she used the F-word, her whole speech was of poor grade, lacking style and creativity. This is not entirely NTU’s SCI fault. But picking her to speak is a very poor choice – like voting for Low Thia Kiang to replace George Yeo! The Prof clearly failed to judge the quality of a person. Her initial remark of peeing in her pants was colloquial and distasteful. Her later remark “the boyfriends I've made” - read in the context of the f word clearly means the boyfriends I slept with! And it's obvious she has had sex with many of them to so proudly proclaim it!

Her sex hormones were in control during the speech, I believe in more occasion than one! Not her brain! The every purpose of higher education is so that we are controlled by our brain and not hormone or rumous or superstitions. Thus this case clearly also shows the failure of her education. She has let everyone down. But to correct that type of behavior, we have to start at home!  

"You must be properly attired as befits the occasion as academic tradition is observed and the ceremonial proceedings at the Convocationare kept formal and dignified. Academic dress is mandatory for all graduates attending the ceremony."

The above information is for graduates attending the convocation. Trinetta's behaviour is unacceptable according to NTU's official position on the solemnity of the occasion. Anyway, the four-letter word is not the only crude or profane word she used. She also peppered her speech with words "pee in my pants" and "bi*". I do not see how this speech was approved in the first place. It was not a slip-up but a deliberate one. She played to the gallery, never mind the inappropriateness of the behaviour. Her character is truly suspect. Moreover, there are children above the age of 6 present also. NTU should set a precedent and censure such behaviour - so what if she is a valedictorian? Her behaviour is unbecoming of one.

Funny how she could say the bi* word (the female dog) without censure but my citation of the word in this comments section "triggered the profanity filter"!



I was one of working MSc graduate there during the Convocation Ceremony and can think of two possible reasons for their behaviour:

1) Many of these teenagers who have just received their degree might not have been exposed to the working world yet. Looking at their behaviour that day, they might have felt that a degree will get them places. They will learn soon enough that a degree is nothing special and that there are many degree holders out there. Even people with MSc holders are aplenty today much less a degree.

2) They are Mass Comm students and had probably treat the whole event not as a Convocation Ceremony but as a "star-search" event. This was very obvious from the "antics" displayed by a number of the graduates. Like striking a pose midway on stage, hugging and "kissing".

As for the use of profanity in her speech, it only serves to highlight her immaturity level. They do it cause it is "fashionable".

They will learn soon enough such arrogant attitude will not get them far in the working world even if you have good grads. Unless of course your parents run a company or you work in a govt job. Speaking of which, I've read from the news that she is now working in a stat board. Go figure.





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