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NUS hauls up China scholar over 'dog' comment

February 22, 2012 - 12:40am


The Chinese undergraduate called the “uncles” he encountered in Singapore “annoying”, griping that they often stared at him and “complained endlessly” when he accidentally brushed past them.

He then added in his Weibo post: “There are more dogs than people in Singapore”.

The remarks of Mr Sun Xu, 25, who comes from China and is a Ministry of Education scholar, went viral on the Internet.

Disgruntled netizens called him “ungrateful” and “unappreciative”, with some even saying that he should be expelled from the country.

His university, the National University of Singapore, told The New Paper that it does not condone Mr Sun’s “disrespectful comments”, and have met and counselled him.


Is he blind or WHAT? Can't he see the difference between Singapore and China? If his China is SOooo... GOOD then please GO BACK TO CHINA!!!

MOE should have acted PROMPTLY by revoking his scholarship and kicks the ungrateful Son of the B.tch out 

This idiot forgot where he came from ... from a spitting selfish society!

Put our hard earned tax prayer money to better use ... support our student instead!


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