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Parents in ugly spat over Raffles Girls' Primary traffic woes

Submitted by smong on May 22, 2012 - 1:53am


TNP PHOTO: Benjamin Seetor

The daily traffic jams outside Raffles Girls' Primary School in Bukit Timah led to two parents trading angry words in a heated exchange last Thursday, at about 12.45pm, when many parents were dropping their children off at school or picking them up.

One driver called the other arrogant for leaving his car in a yellow box, which made it difficult for her to back out after she had dropped her daughter off.

The second driver (above) called the first one rude for shouting at him.

The school's staff say that traffic jams there are a daily headache. Residents in the area, too, are unhappy as many of the parents' cars block their driveways.



Parents, drop off your kids 50 - 100 metres from the entrance unless its raining cats and dogs or your kid have some disability.

Be considerate to others and there shall be no such incidents happening



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