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PE teacher sacked for abusing student

July 19, 2011 - 11:20pm



A PHYSICAL Education (PE) teacher from a top primary school has been sacked after she physically abused a pupil last Thursday.

The New Paper understands that the teacher, a Chinese national, pursued a Primary 2 boy who walked out of her volleyball class, declaring it "boring and repetitive".

The enraged coach then grabbed the boy by his hair and hauled him to the ground.

During the scuffle, which occurred in front of the rest of the class, the teacher allegedly slapped and kicked the boy, who then managed to break free and hide in a toilet.

Although the teacher was relieved of her duties with investigations by the school under way, one parent told TNP that he felt it takes "two hands to clap" in such an incident.


A lot of facts and details in this article are untrue and are grossly exaggerated. Please get your facts right before publishing such an article. Hanging around the school gate interviewing maids and grandparents who heard their side of the stories based on hearsay will NOT give you a truthful picture of what had actually happened!

Totally agree with TNP reader Ng.  It's one thing reporting an article, but sensationalising it to create enthrallment stoops below any respectable reporter will carry out just to captivate an audience.  We read TNP for facts, not unfounded information.  Perhaps Bryna Sim should do some true blue fact-findings so that it offers TNP readers a balanced view-point on this incident.

i totally agree with them. the meaning of facts is real information that happened.these may real or unreal but we dont know.or you have heard for maids which dont know any thing. you should check thoroughly before posting on to the website . some people would feel rather hurt.

Thank You for reading The New Paper. We appreciate your comments but would like to point out that the story is factually accurate. The reporter checked with the school and other agencies involved to verify the details before the story was published.

Dear TNP Admin
I am indeed appalled by your assertion that your story is factually accurate and that the reporter had "checked with the school and other agencies involved to verify the details before the story was published".
Haven't it occurred to your reporter there will be sensitive issues on hand and certain things will be said to safe guard certain interests?  What can beat an on-site eye witness who has the true account of what truly happened???  What the reporter reported was a far cry from what really happened.
To even have the audacity to respond to your readers to say that the story is accurate reveals how shallow this reporter is and the overall authenticity of TNP stories henceforth.
Perhaps the general public should be made aware of the latter...

The reporter can still claim that her facts are right?!?! That's an outright LIE!! Unbelievable!!! Own up Bryna Sim!!!!!

TNP Admin,

You probably should get Bryna Sim to relearn her journalism skills. Staking outside a school to interview PARENTS who were not present is not what "factual" journalism is about. It is a one-sided coin. Also, the adult involved is not a teacher. By making headlines with the word "teacher", you have conveniently placed ALL teachers into the same bowl that teachers have that capability to slap a child. See, facts published = wrong.

Did Bryna Sim interview the adult involved to find out what exactly happened that made her do what she did? Did Bryna Sim interview the children who witnessed the incident? Did Bryna Sim bother to do MORE before publishing such a sensationalized piece of article? I can't even call this news because news is something informative and factual. This is not.

By the way, kudos to your artist. Certainly has a very imaginative mind to draw the coach bending over the boy and hitting the boy this way. Wow. You know what, Bryna Sim? THAT DID NOT HAPPEN. Please find out more and publish a more TRUTHFUL piece.

Your actions of an unaccurate depiction has upset many people. TNP should issue a letter of apology for their false printing before the public realises that what was reported was not what had happened.

We await your apology.

Also, didn't Bryna Sim just published yet another sensational article on the AEDs? Seriously, not only are you invading on the privacy of others, the need to clamp down on people's right to vent about their job is an infringement to their rights. Yes, people call in with the news. Does that mean EVERY PIECE OF RUBBISH gets printed because 'people call in'? Wow. Can I call in to report about Bryna's bad journalism skills and get my article published as well?

Yes, Bryna, you have angered a lot of people because of your Untruthful report of the incident and you have hurt the feelings of a lot of Parents and pupils of the school who know the truth. You also owe an apology to the coach. She DID NOT abuse the child the way you described and exaggerated in your article!!

Bryna Sim, you owe the coach, school, students and the parents a public apology for NOT stating the right facts.

Dear Editor, you too did not perform your job scope properly before allowing this kind of "news".

Hmm cant believe this is happening at TNP. Not professional.

During the scuffle, which occurred in front of the rest of the class, the teacher allegedly slapped and kicked the boy, who then managed to break free and hide in a toilet.

I don't understand the comments. Didn't the reporter said allegedly? Seems to me the comments are made from the school's staffs. There was no mention on the school's name. 

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