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Please get her out of our block

June 12, 2012 - 2:24am



The noise started some 15 years ago, went away and now appears to have returned.

Residents of Block 312, Bukit Batok Street 32 claim that their neighbour, Madam X, who's in her late 50s, has resumed making loud banging sounds in the wee hours of the morning.

Unable to put up with the noise, neighbours have, since 1998, been petitioning the authorities and their Member of Parliament to resolve the problem.

The noise became less freqient for a while when MP Amy Khor, Residents' Committee members and HDB officers spoke to Madam X, but it picked up again in January.

When approached by social workers to seek treatment at the Institute for Mental Health, Madam X refused.

Neighbours are now petitioning to have her evicted.


To each his/her own.

Some pile up lots of rubbish, some make a lot of noises.

Oei!! You think "boh jing fu ah?" (No government, is it?)

One observant friend pointed out to me many years ago that, "An insane or mentally unwell person will not know that he/she is unwell mentally. If he/she ever says things like: "Yea, I need some help", that means he/she is aware of his/her condition, and is on the way to recovery."

Now, if you ask the resident in the story to go for check up at IMH, do you seriously think she will go along?

If you ever watch movies such as "The midnight Express", or have come into contact with mentally unwell people, you would know that they are in a world of their own. They might have very good reason in making lots of noises, maybe "to chase away the demons"? or some other reasons which only they know, and is very real to them.

The only thing which they won't admit to is that they are "siau" (crazy), so they would not go see a doctor at IMH on their own initiative, or when asked by people to.

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