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Reckless driving not determined by nationality

May 20, 2012 - 1:51am


PHOTO: Lianhe Wanbao

As anti-foreigner sentiment burns online against “the China man who killed a Singaporean cabby with his speeding Ferrari”, it’s almost scary to read the violence in the words used and the depth of anger directed against “the rich outsiders”.

But not all share the same sentiments.

Heartlanders we spoke to say Singaporeans can be just as reckless on the road.

Local entertainer Victor Khoo sums it up: “It seems that the only positive thing that has come out of the horrific Ferrari accident is noticing that over the last couple of days, when red lights turn green, drivers don’t just drive off but, wait a couple of seconds, look left and right before doing so. If this is the sign that drivers are now driving more defensively on the roads, then the sad deaths of the taxi driver and his passenger would not have been totally in vain.”


Thank you for Victor Khoo's comments.  Even I have told my friends to watch for traffic in mid nite timing because you have not only china drivers but also ah bengs who speed with the WRX and EVOs but now their machines are nothing compared with FERRARI or LAMBO or M5 BMW or E65 Mercs etc or others super cars.

They are simply proud people with no regard for lives and other road users.  They employ the best lawyers in case of being charged.  If the guy in Ferrari did not die, he would have either flown back to China and his big Mafia brother would have protected him.  

When will our government stop these Mafia related businesses from coming into the shores of Singapore?  Without them, this china man would not have a chance to come to Singapore and not kill our taxi driver.  Next taxi drivers are so eager to shoot off from traffic and change lanes indiscriminately.  So to be fair, it's a serious warning to taxi drivers.  Yet just today, I saw COMFORT taxis driving like crazy F1 drivers still.  

Singaporeans are not anti foreigners but are against all those foreigners who bring nothing but pain, sadness, shock, anger and hatred aginst such people.They are like Ma Chi from China, Silviu Ionescu a Romanian diplomat who was involved in a hit and run in Singapore, A Chinese PRC working in Singapore who hijacked a taxi and rammed and killed a cleaner at Changi Airport and many others in the past.I like to remind all foreigners working and living in Singapore to repect the laws and respect lives in Singapore if not many if not all Singaporeans will be pisst and angry at foreigners who cause trouble in Singapore.


Of course there are Singaporeans who are like foreigners mentioned above and they are Mr Jerry Gee who owns and drive a sports and luxury car BMW who park his car inside the yellow box which cause a spat with a lady driver and also a Traffic Warden.Mr Gee said that he got money to pay the fine.So arrogant and cocky as well as irresponsible and dangerous just like Ma Chi who think they are rich can speed and just pay fines if they are caught.Such irresponsible and dangerous as well as arrogant and cocky drivers in Singapore ought to be caned and ban for life from driving.If not Singapore will be getting more dangerous for all to work live and play.

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