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Rickety jetties could spell the end of livelihood

May 21, 2012 - 1:17am



TUCKED away in the thick mangroves of the Seletar coast are five wooden jetties, stretching out to the open waters where fishermen can dock their boats.

The area is little-known to outsiders and hidden by tall trees along Seletar North Link.

As the high tides approach in the early morning, so do the fishermen who come to prepare their boats for the trip out to the fishing grounds.

They carry their fishing equipment across the rickety jetties that stand on wooden stilts.

They return half-a-day later, often complaining about their meagre haul of fish and crabs these days.
But it isn’t just their catch that’s dwindling.

The jetties are in danger of being torn down because of safety violations and illegal land use.


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