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Sec 3 boy stabbed with penknife in school

March 2, 2012 - 1:49am



HE TOLD his classmate not to be rude to their teacher, and ended up getting stabbed on his left arm with a penknife.

The victim, Sim Jingwen, 15, told The New Paper over the phone that he felt his classmate was rude to their English language teacher.

The Secondary 3 student from Anderson Secondary School in Ang Mo Kio said that after the lesson, he approached the classmate and they quarrelled. Jingwen ended up with 1.5cm long wound which needed eight stitches.

There have been a recent spate of violent incidents in schools, including one last month in which a boy was cut on the head with a paper cutter.


i feel that the attacker did not mean it and his actions should not lead to expulsion as that may destroy his future. Perhaps it was just simply a spur of the moment and he feels regretful of what he had done. He was provoked and agitated after all. I also hope that the victim would get well soon.

How pitiful! Poor victim Sim Jingwen. I hope he will get well soon! Additionally, I feel sorry for the attacker. It may be a spur of the moment. I mean, as a male that is already in secondary school, crying after being scolded by a teacher really is irritating. Disgraceful for him. Teenagers rebel. It is normal. If he gets expelled, it will lead to something troublesome. His education will be affected and worst sill, his future may be ruined all because of a careless accident. I believe that everything will be well if the attacker apologise to the victim sincerely. Maybe they will even be friends! Once again, best wishes to the recovery of Sim Jingwen. He is innocent and deserves no harm like this.

I think expulsion is the right move. The attacker then can move on to another school and start afresh instead of living in shame in the old school.

Kids ought to be taught a lesson that assaulting is a crime and will lead to consequences. We cannot always think that they are young, reckless, provoked, agitated and all, and forgive them. If that is the way we think and forgive them, we are sowing bad seeds for our society, not like we have not enough bad seeds for our society know.. 

Personal future though is important for the attacker, but what about the future of the society? We should use this case and set a good example to the rest of the society that attacking is wrong. In this case, expulsion is right. Maybe the teachers/principal can help the attacker to recommend schools to continue his studies. 

Expel him. Teach them early to be responsible for their actions. What message will you send if you just make him apologise? We are already seeing an increase in the number of violent crimes. Teaching our children that they won't be held accountable for anything they've done, especially a serious crime like this, would be akin to teaching them that crime DOES pay.

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