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Shot 40 times and buried alive, but dog survives

Submitted by Denis Edward on June 2, 2011 - 6:44pm


PHOTO: Facebook

EVERY dog has its day.

And it was that day for a stray dog in Malta when she survived being bound, shot in the head and neck 40 times with a pellet gun, and then buried alive.

But Star - as she had been named by her rescuers - was thrown a bone. 

According to a Sky News report, the 5-year-old dog miraculously managed to wriggle her way to the surface of the shallow grave where she had been left to die. 

Animal welfare officers heard some muffled whimpering when they were out investigating another animal-abuse case and found her snout, which was wired-up snout sticking out from the ground. 

When they dug her out of the shallow grave, Star's legs were bound together with shoe laces and found her head had been shot 40 times with a pellet gun. 

She had to have emergency surgery where the vet had to spoon out pellets from under her skin. 

Vet Trevor Zammit told Sky News: "The person who shot her didn't do so accidentally because she was shot from quite close range."

A facebook page called "Star: the dog who lived" has been set up in Star's honour. And as news of Star's miraculous survival spreads, so do her fans. The facebook page has attracted more than 46,000 "likes" so far.

Hundreds of pet lovers from all over the world made requests to adopt Star, but the pooch is set to remain in the southern European country with her new family.

(Source: Sky News)

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