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Is Singapore the richest and healthiest country in the world?

Submitted by Kane Cunico on August 17, 2012 - 2:22am


We may be the richest. And according to another index just released, we’re also the healthiest country in the world.

But are we the happiest?

Mr Ghazali Salim, 42, who manages a cafe, said he doesn’t feel particularly rich on his income of $2,500.

Said Mr Ghazali: “I’m not rich and there are still some Singaporeans who can’t afford their own homes as housing is so expensive.”

And that’s the thing about indices – it tells only one side of the story, experts say.


How can it be. China alone has many times our reserves. So is kores, taiwan and japan. Plus all these countries have tons of resources, and we have none. So who is rich ?


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