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Slutty? We're just sexy

October 29, 2011 - 10:47pm


To borrow and alter a line from Jessica Rabbit, I'm not bad, I just dress that way.

If you subscribe to that, here's an invitation to join SlutWalk Singapore.

Yes, Singapore women are striding forth and getting into the global anti-slut slamming movement on Dec 4.

But the Singapore version is doing it their way. This means you don’t have to dress like a slut to take part in SlutWalk Singapore.

Saris and T-shirts are welcome at the first SlutWalk Singapore gathering in Hong Lim Park for women to celebrate the freedom to dress sexily. These S'pore women say they have a right to dress without fear, even if they get looks from dirty old men.

And, oh, you don't even have to walk.

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TNP PHOTO: Choo Chwee Hua


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