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Socio-political blog gets fresh legal note

February 23, 2012 - 2:06am


Ever since Mr Richard Wan identified himself as the only Singapore-based editor of socio-political blog Temasek Review Emeritus (TRE), he has been receiving legal letters.

On Tuesday, he received yet another -- from Stamford Law, acting on behalf of Mr Lee Hsien Yang. The letter pointed to defamatory comments published on Jan 30 on the website by a netizen with the moniker “abs”.

Mr Lee’s lawyers said the statement made by the user is “false, defamatory, made without basis, and designed to embarrass, cause distress to and denigrate” their client.

They demanded that TRE remove the offending comments by 5pm on Friday and publish a written apology on the site.

TRE is already carrying a written apology addressed to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong for an earlier opinion piece published on Feb 16.


It makes me wonder what kind of a Soci-political blog that allows anonymous user posting statements that are unsubstantiated with evidences and facts but instead based on hearsay, coffeeshop talks etc ...

If one is man enough to post such statements, put a face to it, don't hide behind a wall of anonymous moniker. Be like this Richard Wan etc. That gives credence, 

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