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Students see red about school's removal of books from underneath their desks

September 19, 2012 - 1:43am



Three reminders were given to students of Clementi Town Secondary School to remove their books from underneath their desks.

All but six Secondary 3 classes complied.

The school then acted - it collected the textbooks of those who ignored the reminders and put them in black garbage bags.

Some students saw red over this issue and took to Twitter to voice their frustrations.

However, the school's principal, Mrs Grace Chua, clarified that the confiscated books were not disposed of, but were left in a room for the students to collect.


Honestly, if it is a full day school and the students will be using the classroom allday of the week, what is the problem with having their heavy books under the table ??

Unless it is exam time, it shouldn't be an issue. All this carrying heavy books every day is potential backbone problem in the making. Just look at our students. Their schoolbags weigh tons!


Cannot have lockers for the students meh???

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