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They checked 900m of track in 20 minutes

May 3, 2012 - 1:28am


PHOTO: The Straits Times

ITS job was to check the “third rail” for any defects or abnormalities.

But SMRT’s Multi-Function Vehicle – which was activated on the morning of Dec 17 last year following the breakdowns two days earlier - ended up having problems itself.

Two maintenance officers were then deployed to manually check what had gone wrong.

They had to visually inspect about 900m of “third rail”, as well as manually feel all 150 claw supports and 60 fishplate joints, among other checks. Yet, they were done in 20 minutes, the Committee of Inquiry looking into last year's MRT disruptions heard on Wednesday (May 2).



They did it in 20 minutes and non of the Supervisors NOTICED it? This means NO ONE was working! What are those sitting right at the TOP been doing all these years?

Yes, and you can shut the hell up right now. YOU are one of the finest examples of a no-life singaporeans who just want to make a big fuss of everything!

Big fuss?
No life Singaporeans?

Do you know how many were affected when the train breakdown? Are you one of those that were affected??

Two kinds of brain,
One - Clever

Too bad you weren't as 'clever' as I thought..if you scrutinize my comment long enough, I wasn't talking about the article, but in fact, talking about your comment itself.

As far as one should know, the way you type tells if a person is educated, uneducated, civilised or uncivilised, but unfortunately, your 2 comments show something else...

And if my words are too 'big' for you, i think you should get an interpreter


Wasn't talking about this article? You were talking about me?
Please lah, wasn't on the train but claiming others (Those on the train) are making a BIG fuss OUT OF NOTHING and now you claimed that you were talking about me?

hey, I was talking about the weather leh!

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