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Unbreakable Chelsea

April 26, 2012 - 12:38am



The football was nothing to crow about. Chelsea's desperation was betrayed by their rigid, defensive system that relied on constriction rather than invention.

In face of the Barcelona onslaught at the Nou Camp yesterday morning (Singapore time), the Blues at times resembled rabbits in the face of oncoming headlights.

The match statistics were startling. By the end of the game, the Catalan club completed 672 passes – a whopping 90 per cent success rate. Chelsea didn't even breach the 100-pass mark.

As a measure of Barcelona's attacking intent, 380 of their completed passes took place in Chelsea's third of the field. The visitors mustered a feeble total of only 13.

What a contrast. Alas, the numbers that really mattered were on the scoreboard. It read: Barcelona 2 Chelsea 2.

Chelsea had taken down the mighty giants. They had made it to the Champions League final at the favourites' expense, with a 3-2 aggregate score.

More in The New Paper on Thursday (Apr 26).


Chelsea win by luck and against Bayern munich without key player in the final is the big blow for them. But anything can happen in FOOTBALL. Baryrn munich is favourite to win the Champions League 2012 at home ground final. Just watch who is the new KING OF EUROPE 2012 on 19 may 2012 in munich, germany.

The best team in the world can't beat 10 men Chelsea?! The best player in the world, Messi can't score a simple penalty and make a 'mess'?! So pathetic! even 1000 passes made and still lost? Win by luck? With 10men..soak and strike is the best option and thats brilliant strategy. Bayern Munich is the one wining by luck on russian roulette penalties. Viva Chelsea Blues! King of Europe!

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