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Video surprise in taxi-car collision dispute

Submitted by smong on February 24, 2012 - 12:34am


A Toyota Wish driver claims a cab hit his car in the rear in a collision.

But the cabby says he has video proof to show that the car driver reversed into him.

And he has video "evidence" to prove it, he says.

So what happened during the accident at Ang Mo Kio on Jan 10?



why did the man ran up to the taxi driver and scold him? read from news that he

had a young daughter inside the car. what did the taxi driver do that cause the

guy to be so mad? Did the taxi driver calm the situation or attempt to make it worse

knowing he had a cam? 

I was interested in finding out more after reading the article on Friday so I googled "Melvyn Chua wine" Guess which company turned up with recruitment ads. If this guy works there, you won't pay me enough to take the job.

Car accident is a serious matter. Especially an incident like that. Both parties are aggressive and claiming that they are the innocent prior to their proofs. Good thing that today we have this Event data recorders which take note of accident data and the habits of the driver. Authorities and automakers can use this data to make individuals safer, but third-party marketers have also used it to invade the privacy of drivers. Customers have to hear how this works. Source for this article: Event data recorders: Saving lives and invading privacy.

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