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What a thriller

May 14, 2012 - 1:46am



It was the stuff of fairy tales.

Manchester City clinched the English Premier League title with a 3-2 win over Queens Park Rangers at the Etihad Stadium yesterday.

It wasn’t straightforward though.

City, who had taken the lead, had to claw back from a 2-1 deficit with two goals in injury-time to capture their first league triumph since 1968.

United, who won their match 1-0 against Sunderland, lost out on goal difference.

More in The New Paper on Monday (May 14).


Champion for a moment and seconds later they were runners up . That's how unfortunate United season ends. For half an hour one would have thought that Man City was giving Devon Loch a run for its money . It's refreshing for a slight shift in power but not exactly encouraged, especially for a team that achieve short term success with astronomical wealth. United has done well with limited resources and astute management but looking ahead, they need to buy a quality centre back and replacement for Scholes and stay in contention for the next season instead for collapsing out of the Top four like Liverpool.

For Man U fans don't be a sore loser and lost to goal difference? Man U trophyless this season? So pathetic..& Fyi 2nd sucks!

Any team that win a League title in any country will be a big achievement in itself as it entails great amount of consistency and perserverance. Hence i applaud Man City's achievement. I would applaud Arsenal even more if the EPL trophy is lifted by Van Persie as the Gunners is a team built on young promising footballers. Teams try to achieve instant success with heavy weights take over but achieve little consistency. Chelsea has tried for 6 years and now Man City with bottomless pot of gold attempt to buy success. Yes they've done it this time and hope to do it again next season by wavering irresistable cheque with ridiculously high salary to RVP ! This will ridicule the  entire transfer market. The consequence is the over-valuation of players. When it's time to sell their player, Man City will have all the 'Ferrari' on display but limited buyers. I appreciate team with sound structure and history and any player who join the team will be indoctrinated with the playing culture -- like Man United. And in Ferguson,  a Manager with the nous mind. As all great leaders, he congratulated Man City's win but i'm sure he would want to start the next season sooner so that he can rein in on his attempt for United 20th Title.

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