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What women want: To Marry Up

April 20, 2012 - 1:18am



Dating agencies are not surprised by the result of a recent TNP poll of 50 undergraduate and graduate women about whether they would date a blue-collar worker --

all the women said no.

Seven dating agencies say their female graduate clients all ask to be matched with men who have at least the same educational level.

Some Singapore men voiced on Internet forums their unhappiness with the attitudes of the women who were polled.

MP Indranee Rajah said that while having the same educational background can help couples gel, women should not write off men based on a piece of paper.

But one academic who has done a study on what women look for in a spouse said the general principle is still to marry someone of your educational level.


Those men that complained on the internet forums about their unhappiness with the attitudes of the women who polled.

Are these men all blue-collar workers? They want to marry graduate women?

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