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Why dispense only $50 notes?

April 13, 2012 - 12:50am


TNP PHOTO: Benson Ang

Some people are upset because they cannot withdraw less than $50.

Furniture consultant Shah Pakri, 40, who likes to withdraw $20 at a time found that the two nearest ATMs to his home only dispense $50.

It turns out, those particular ATMs were among some 275 DBS/POSB ATMs which were reconfigured last October to dispense only $50 notes.

Said Mr Shah: "It’s ironic that POSB, which is supposed to be the people’s bank, is inconveniencing low-income earners."

Others, like safety co-ordinator Francis Teo, 44, felt the new configuration helped shorten the waiting time for customers who wanted to withdraw large amounts.

He said: "The queues for such machines tend to be shorter."

A DBS bank spokesman explained that the ATMs were reconfigured because of the withdrawal patterns of its customers.



Is DBS missing the forest for the trees? Or simply forgetting that Customer Service is just as, if not more important than Efficiency and Productivity? Listen to ALL your customers, DBS, not just the few.... There are many alternatives that will still allow you meet the needs of customers.

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