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Wives can be obedient, but hubbies still cheat

June 18, 2011 - 10:56pm


PHOTO: The Straits Times

MANY wives who walk through the doors of the counselling centre are what one would deem as obedient.

They are women who take good care of their homes, their husbands and children, said Ms Cho Chia Min, a counsellor from Care Corner Counselling Centre. They are model wives and model mums.

They usually have good sex lives with their husbands.

Yet their husbands still cheat, sometimes with other women who they think do not match up to them.

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How abt the opp situation? Hubby can be obedient and wife cheats?

   model wives and model mums

 "usually have good sex lives with their husbands"

  Do you think that you have given enough to your Husband ?

 Are you very should that you have given enough?

 if you have given enough will they cheating on you ? 

 Sometime you have to understand you own husband need.


irresponsible person nids changes...same old rice everyday...BORING!!!


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