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Wrong tools, not enough parts

May 1, 2012 - 12:00am



They did not expect the damage to be so extensive. And when they tried to repair it, they didn’t have the right tools.

As the night wore on, fatigue also set in.

That was the story Mr Adam Ismail and Mr Ibrahim Ismail, two maintenance officers from SMRT, told when they were activated to deal with the emergency on Dec 15 last year, after trains had stalled during the evening peak hour.



This the case of not have right tools and spare parts that i have came across when i work in some company for 20yrs in building Maintenance jobs. Some company do not care of the tools as long it can be fixed and its done. Some tools it can be use for emergency and do not just think of budget only. Spare parts is also important to keep in future used but must be original parts that can last long. For 25yrs this SMRT serve transport the Singaporean need to change parts or upgrade the parts. I see this case is nothing to blame each other and just think how to make a better the SMRT like in JAPAN now.

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