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Youth joined in attack because he didn't want to 'lose face'

February 23, 2012 - 1:50am


FILE PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News

When his gang members asked him to go for a settlement talk, Darren Ng Wei Jie, 19, decided to bring along a retractable baton.

And it was when he brandished the baton that the violence started between two groups of youth at Downtown East in Pasir Ris on the evening of Oct 30, 2010.

Darren, a Republic Polytechnic student, suffered 28 injuries on his head, neck, chest and limbs. He died in hospital about five hours later.

Yesterday, Jason Chew Wei Beng, 21, pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of rioting in relation to Darren’s death.

While Jason was not a gang member, he was friends with members of the rival gang which attacked Darren and had joined in because he did not want to "lose face".


These wannabe gangsters should be given a good taste of the cane to impart in them the consequences of their not wanting to "lose face" under certain circumstances where hurt or death is the result of their stupidious action.




Afraid of losing face or he wanted to be a HERO?

Even at 30+ years of age they will rather beat people up than lose face (from personal experience). It's easy to remove the tattoo on one's arm then the one etched on one's heart. In jail, they need to teach these people how to handle social situations and better manage their anger. Merely locking them up breeds more anger and resentment. In which case, I dread the day they are being released.

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