5 shades of Grey

SUGAR HIGH: Visitors with the lifesize cake depiction of the Fifty Shades of Grey character Christian Grey at the Cake International show in Manchester, UK. - PHOTO: AFP


You can now have a piece of Christian Grey. For dessert. Sort of.

UK cake company Rosie Cake-Diva's Rose Dummer is the mastermind behind two life-sized - and honestly, freaky-looking - cakes made to look like the sexy male character from the book. Grey, not the movie's lead actor Jamie Dornan.

Made of white chocolate ganache and sugar paste, the cakes are on display for the Sugarcraft, Cake Decorating & Baking Show in Manchester.

The fever has also hit Manila Marriott Hotel, where a dessert called The Dom, a dome of hazelnut cake, truffle gianduja and chocolate sorbet, is available at its Cru Steakhouse.

Gourmet coffee shop Java+ also has cupcakes with toppings such as handcuffs, bras and ties.


Fifty Shades Of Grey has even influenced local singer Reuby, who released an official lyric video for his new song Fifty Shades yesterday.

According to him, it reflects his personal take "on the different layers that a person can possess" and is inspired by "the power of desire" illustrated in the books.

The 19-year-old, who admitted he is not a follower of the book series and will not be watching the movie because he is underage, told The New Paper: "I wanted to do something different, something dark, more mature, edgy. And since the movie was going to be a big thing, maybe a new song could be my big new thing."


An unofficial BDSM ad promoting Domino's Pizza's "super spicy" Sriracha pizza, created and pitched by an advertising agency but was never approved by the company, has been leaked and is making its rounds online.

It shows a realistic image of a human tongue cuffed, gagged and wearing leather lingerie with a whip and a police hat placed near it.

It came with the caption "You're going to suffer and enjoy every moment".

A Domino's spokesman told Daily Mail Online: "It was ill-advised, unfunny and not brand-appropriate. In a word, it was stupid."


Sorry, kinky-minded moviegoers in the US: You will not allowed to take your "weapons" to cinemas when you watch the movie.

Yes, those leather cuffs, whips and ropes are to stay at home.

"While we welcome guests who want to show their excitement for a film by dressing up in costume, we do not permit weapons (real or fake), or props/costumes that would make other guests uncomfortable, or detract from the moviegoing experience," a spokesman for the US cinema chain AMC Theaters said to the website Mashable.


More than 20,000 workers at UK hardware chain B&Q have received a memo to prepare for a surge in demand for rope, cable ties and tape after the film opens there tomorrow. They were also told to familiarise themselves with the contents of the book, copies of which have reportedly been given to each store to be lent out.

Part of the memo reads: "When the book was released in 2012, DIY and hardware stores in the UK and US reported increased demand of certain products and queries from customers as they tried to recreate their own Fifty Shades experiences. We need to be prepared for the same effect when the film is released this month."