Aden Chen: Little big ‘comedic’ joy

HAPPY: Actor Andie Chen and actress Kate Pang with baby Aden. - PHOTOS: INSTAGRAM/ ANDIE CHEN

Last year, Singapore actor Andie Chen and Taiwanese actress Kate Pang were nominated for the Flame Awards' Surprise! of the Year for getting hitched suddenly while she was two months' pregnant with their first child.

Fast forward 12 months and the Chen family is on our list once again.

Baby Aden, to be exact.

Aden, who was born in Taipei on June 30, already has an Instagram account with over 9,800 followers.


The cherubic five-month-old boy recently landed on the cover of a local Chinese entertainment magazine, along with his celebrity parents, and also had a star-studded homecoming party in Singapore that saw 200 guests in attendance.

Chen, 29, laughed when told about the nomination and said candidly: "Maybe we will go for the 'Comedic Baby' award instead. Aden is so big, he is not anywhere near cute. He is only five months old but he looks like he's eight months old."

Chen feels that Aden's advantage is his character, adding proudly: "He is mild-mannered and is such a joy to raise. He eats whatever we feed him and he is always smiling."

Sizing up his baby's competition, Chen said: "(Xiaxue's son) Dashiel is ridiculously cute, and (Christopher Lee and Fann Wong's son) Zed has very sharp features, he is so pretty. Aden is likeable all round so there is a fair chance of us winning too."

Rallying for support, he jokingly said: "All our fans should start voting now! The competition is tough but we will give Zed and Dashiel a run for their money!"


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