ALIFF AZIZ King of controversy

It seems trouble follows this "bad boy" wherever he goes.

Local singer Aliff Aziz has been attracting a wide range of criticism, from his lack of discipline at work to running away from debt. He's also been called a player.

The ultimate shocker came in September, when he was fined $2,000 for stealing two mobile phones in May.

Aliff, 23, had made off with a HTC One and a Samsung Note 1 with an accomplice. The phones were valued at $800 each.

The phones belonged to a man identified as Mr Yong Kit Siong.

Aliff has been seeking a fresh start and working on his upcoming album, aptly titled Rebirth.


"I can't say I am surprised (at this nomination). I know I've made some mistakes in 2014 and it has been a learning journey for me.

"I've not been the best of men but 2015 will see a brand new me. I'm not looking back," he told The New Paper over the phone.

Aliff maintains his innocence in the incident, but chose not to elaborate on it. In trying moments, he relied heavily on the support of his close friends and family, including his singer-sister Aisyah Aziz.

On the constant controversy surrounding him, Aliff said: "I just can't get a break. I am not blaming anyone but I hope people will pray for the best for me instead of condemning me."

He remains hopeful despite the ordeals in the past year. "Hopefully I won't make it to this category again next year.

"Who knows, you might nominate me for Comeback of the Year or something. My chances of winning this year? No comment," he said.