Bride wants simplicity

Taufik Batisah's bride Sheena Akbal, 31, wanted a sleek and classy look for their wedding.

That explained the all-white theme - from their outfits to the dais and decor.

At their solemnisation ceremony yesterday morning, the bride and groom donned the first of their two outfits specially customised and sponsored by local bridal company Anggun by Mastura.

The company also provided the bridal make-up service and the dais at the highly anticipated wedding.

In March, the then bride-to-be had approached the company under the guise of a wedding planner for a local celebrity, Anggun's make-up artist Aishah Othman, 40, said earlier this week.

"I never thought she meant Taufik.

"Later, she came again with Taufik's manager who revealed that Ms Sheena was actually the bride, and I went, 'Oh, my God!' It was agony keeping it all a secret," said Madam Aishah, laughing.

According to her, the bride was easy-going and open when discussing ideas: There was a mood board of ideas, which included a reference to Malaysian actress Scha Alyahya's solemnisation outfit for her wedding in 2012.

The team at Anggun by Mastura then worked on a tight deadline of two weeks to source for the materials and tailor the outfits.

"Overall, Ms Sheena wanted something classic, simple yet sophisticated and nothing revealing. Her solemnisation ceremony outfit is made of bridal satin with no lace," said Madam Aishah.

The solemnisation outfit was a mermaid gown, with an embellished round-neck collar and full sleeves. Her hair was swept back into a classic updo and covered with a lace-trimmed veil.

The entire look and outfit was kept a secret from Taufik until they were officially husband and wife yesterday morning.


The second outfit, worn during the couple's first walk-in yesterday, was made of "songket" (a type of brocade) and lace, embellished with rhinestones.

This time, she had her hair in another updo, adorned with a jewel-encrusted headpiece. But the make-up was kept to a minimum.

"She prefers simplicity, nothing too gaudy or dramatic. She wants something different but not too bold or over the top," said Madam Aishah, who grew fond of Ms Sheena following their meetings together with Taufik.

"She is bubbly and warm. She has no airs. She is easy to work with and totally cool."

She described Taufik and his wife as "manja" (Malay for loving), fun-loving and "very good for each other".

"When I met them for a fitting last week, Taufik told me, 'Make sure Sheena looks amazing. The spotlight will be all on her that day, not me.'"