Cross-dressing concert? Maybe one day

If you miss Singapore-based Taiwanese getai entertainer Hao Hao's popular cross-dressing sets on the local getai circuit, here's some good news: He might just do a "cross-dressing concert" in the near future.

At the Thye Hua Kwan Charity Show 2015 press conference last week, the 33-year-old singer-host told The New Paper that he is "toying with the idea" of holding a full-length solo concert where he appears from start to finish as his female alter ego, Hao Lian.

Hao Hao is a favourite among heartlanders for his lavish stage costumes, as well as his ability to sing in both male and female voices,

"I've been thinking about it but I'm not sure if it is do-able," he mused in Mandarin.


His concern is understandable.

Cross-dressing used to play a major part in his getai performances a few years ago, but he stopped after brushes with the law.

In late 2009, he got into trouble at a show for dressing up as Marilyn Monroe and flashing a G-string underneath his skirt. Hao Hao, whose real name is Cheng Shih-wen, was questioned by police for breaching getai rules, including not having a permit to cross-dress and being indecently attired.

He was let off with a warning.

Besides continuing with his regular getai work, Hao Hao also hopes to take on more TV and big-screen projects if his schedule permits. So far, he has done only one drama, Channel 8's I'm In Charge (2013), and one movie, Royston Tan's 12 Lotus (2008).

"Acting as a nerdy dude in I'm In Charge won me a lot of younger fans," he said with a grin.

"I'd love to play a baddie, like those dramatic villains you see in Hokkien soap operas. A comical, super goofy character would be challenging too."